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Dimtse Radio Erena 9720 Khz transmitted from Kostinbrod (Sofia) transmitter picked up in the UK on 17/03/2018 at 17:00 UTC using the Realistic DX-200. This i..

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radio.de ist dein kostenloses Online Radio im Internet. Stream mit uns per Webradio den Radiosender deiner Wahl - live und kostenlos. Bei uns findest du über 30.000 Radiosender aus der ganzen Welt! Lehne dich zurück und genieße unser umfangreiches Angebot an Radioprogrammen, Musik- und Podcast-Angeboten. Radio online hören war nie einfacher: Nutze radio.de ganz einfach über den Browser oder lade dir unsere kostenlose Radio-App auf dein Smartphone Welcome to my corner of the world! Glad you dropped by. Browse around and discover a collection of QSL cards from international broadcasters, old and new. Read an article or two about radios and the hobby of radio listening. Happy DXing!!! Monday, August 15, 2011. Radio Afghanistan This follow-up email, promising a QSL, was sent on 24 Oct 2011: Radio Afghanistan (Radio Television Afghanistan.

Identical to Voice of Ethiopian Patriotism (Oct 92), Free Radio Voice of Ethiopian Unity (Nov 93) Languages: Amharic Identification: (Amharic) Andit Netsa Ethiopia Dimts Radio Agelgilot Active Since: June 18, 1997 Contact Address P.O.Box 5801, Washington, DC 20016, USA ENC, P.O.Box 547, Swarthmore, PA 19081-0547, US Amharic Program, on demand, dw-radio, 1600utc, nmt, More audios. Amharic Program 16:00 UTC. Amharic Program News. Amharic Program Magazine. ማስታወቂያ. እንደ አዲስ. Radio Erena. Gefällt 44.437 Mal · 341 Personen sprechen darüber. You can contact Radio ERENA's newsroom by telephone : +33 (0)1 45 89 64 51 Or by email :... Gefällt 44.437 Mal · 341 Personen sprechen darüber Radio Erena hat seine Ausstrahlungen über den Kurzwellensender Kostinbrod (Bulgarien) zum 19. Juni 2017 eingestellt. Erst vor kurzem hatte es in einer Reportage über das Projekt geheißen, Radio Erena drohe im Laufe des Sommers das Geld auszugehen. Der Verzicht auf die Kurzwelle könnte allerdings auch eine strategische Entscheidung sein

https://erena.org/Radio Erena (Our Eritrea), a Tigrinya and Arabic language station broadcasting by satellite to Eritrea, began operating on June 15, 2009,.. QSL card of Radio Rebelde, Cuba, via Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti, Russia All times mentioned in this DX MAGAZINE are UTC - Alle Zeiten in diesem DX MAGAZINE sind UTC Staff of WORLDWIDE DX CLUB: PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EDITOR..C WWDXC Headquarters, Michael Bethge, Postfach 12 14, D-61282 Bad Homburg, Germany V E-Mail: mail@wwdxc.de B +49-6172-123118 VF +49-6172-123117 BROADCASTING NEWS EDITOR. QSL Card HLR-Radio, Germany: AUDIO SPECIALS multilingual ID Sri Lanka BC Radio Sutatenza Radiostation ZDK, Antigua SWAR Windhuk, German High Adventure Radio King of Hope Stimme Chiles Voice of Mongolia Radio Canada International, german Radio Veritas Radio Dushanbe, Tajikistan Radio Pyongyang, german Radio Baghdad, german Radio Afghanistan, english: 41 minutes of international Interval.

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Radio Erena. Gefällt 44.717 Mal · 457 Personen sprechen darüber. You can contact Radio ERENA's newsroom by telephone : +33 (0)1 45 89 64 51 Or by email : radioerena@gmail.co Radio Democracy for Africa is aimed directly at encouraging progress toward freedom and democracy, respect for human rights, and an independent and objective media. Funding for the service will come directly from the Voice of America (VOA), and in fact, Clinton pledged US$4.8 million over the next two years.Rather than be a separate entity, as Radio Marti and Radio Free Asia are, Radio Democracy for Africa will be inserted into VOA programming.After it begins in May 1998, the station will. WORLD RADIO TV HANDBOOK 2009 Prices for orders from WORLDWIDE DX CLUB P Preise bei Bestellung beim WORLDWIDE DX CLUB: € 32.00 or US$38.40. Extra for air mail: € 10.20 or US$12.20. These prices include postage and packing. Delivery against advance payment by International Money Order, cheque in € drawn on a German bank (otherwise pleas

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Radio România Internaţional, str. General Berthelot nr. 60-64, sect. 1, cod 010165, Bucureşti, www.rri.ro, telefon 0040.21.319.05.16, fax 0040.21.319.05.62, rri@rri.r Abenteuerlust gehört dazu: Funkamateure klönen drahtlos nicht nur, bis die Antenne glüht. Manche nehmen echte Strapazen auf sich und erleben wahre Abenteuer auf ihren DXpeditionen For more information on the shortwave listening hobby, please visit: http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.comQTH: Sofia, BulgariaReceiver: Sony ICF-2001DAntennas: l..

Radio Erena: Aus Paris nach Eritrea (Autor: Kai Ludwig) Funkprognose; Hörfahrplan Deutsch; Hörfahrplan Deutsch terrestrisch; Leserforum; Programmhinweise; Zeitschriftenschau; Reprint auf CD: Shortwave News des DSWCI (1957-2016) UK-Report; Weltschau; Neue Medien; Logbuch; Highlight: Der QSL-Kalender 2018 QSL-Umschau; Reprint auf CD: Roger Kirks Free Radio Fanzine (1983-1987. Radio Erena: Aus Paris nach Eritrea (Autor: Kai Ludwig) Funkprognose Hörfahrplan Deutsch Hörfahrplan Deutsch terrestrisch Leserforum Programmhinweise Zeitschriftenschau Reprint auf CD: Shortwave News des DSWCI (1957-2016) UK-Report Weltschau Neue Medien Logbuch Highlight: Der QSL-Kalender 2018 QSL-Umschau Reprint auf CD HITRADIO RTL - Dresden Webradio online hören. Den kostenlosen Livestream von Radio HITRADIO RTL - Dresden aufrufen und weitere Radiosender entdecken

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SECRETLAND(non) Reception of Dimtse Radio Erena in 31mb via SPL Secretbrod March 30 1700-1800 on 9720 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Tig, Arabic NOT today Mon, very good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4T9YDkuTYM&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gOM8aN57ZE&feature=youtu.b SECRETLAND(non) Dimtse Radio Erena & ETC Radio via SPL Secretbrod, Jan.20 BaBcoCk Dimtse Radio Erena 1700-1800 on 9720 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Tigrinya Sat End Times Coming Radio Ex-Catholics For Christ 1900-1930 on 9400 SCB 100 kW / 306 deg to WeEu English Daily https:. SECRETLAND(non) Dimtse Radio Erena&Radio Nigeria Hausa via SPL Secretbrod, June 26 BaBcoCk Dimtse Radio Erena 1700-1800 on 9720 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Tigrinya/Arabic Mon-Fri, fair signal R.Nigeria Hausa/R.of Truth 1800-1900 on 15110 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to WeAf Hausa Radio Na Gaskiya, good signal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxfMyq0DYbY&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amavjFudMjw&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnixTBSLAxE&feature=youtu.b This fascinating QSL booklet was issued by a shortwave station in Caracas Venezuela. Apparently the station was well heard over quite a wide area, as the booklet is dated in May 1933, as the Second Edition. Interestingly, this radio station is the oldest radio broadcasting station in Venezuela, which will be celebrating its 87 th anniversary this year. This is their story DX-ing and QSL-ing in Southeastern Brazil - PY2-81502 SWL Rudolf Grimm, São Bernardo SP GG66rg / Ibiuna SP GG66hh, BRAZIL. Member: DXCB, LABRE SP, CWJF. Contact: grimm.r@outlook.com.br . Landscape where my KiwiSDR and antenna are installed - São Bernardo SP GG66rg, Southeastern BRAZIL. 10/09/2020 #255 Reception in São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL - September 10th, 2020 (RG) - Rudolf Grimm PY2-81502.

DXer's Blog full with DX, Shortwave, Mediumwave, Electronics, South Asian DX, Web info. Shortwave, SW listening (DXing), Radio Amateurs Discover the spread long distances shorter and Marconi takes the world by surprise. It also addresses the types of receivers and antennas, you should use, and an introduction to the spread of the signal VOA Deewa Radio: Pashto: 13:00 / 19:00: Khost: 200 KW : 7495: VOA Deewa Radio: Pashto: 13:00 / 16:00: Udon Thani: 250 KW : 9355: VOA Deewa Radio: Pashto: 13:00 / 19:00: Kuwait: 250 KW : 9370: VOA Deewa Radio: Pashto: 13:00 / 19:00: Udon Thani: 250 KW : 13590: VOA Deewa Radio: Pashto: 13:00 / 14:00: Al-Dhabbiya: 250 K

ስዑዲ ዓረብ እተበግሶ ዘላ ንምምስራት ቀይሕ ባሕሪ ዘዋስነን ሃገራት ዝሓቁፍ ቆንስል፣ ሕብረት

All India Radio: Urdu: 00:30 / 04:30: Aligarh: 500 KW : 6140: All India Radio: Urdu: 14:20 / 19:30: Bengaluru: 500 KW : 6140: China Radio International: English: 17:00 / 17:57: Kashi-Saibagh 2022: 100 KW : 6140: China Radio International: Chinese: 22:00 / 23:00: Kunming-Anning 501: 100 KW : 6140: China Radio International: Cantonese: 23:00 / 23:57: Kunming-Anning 501: 100 KW : 6140: Radio Taiwan Internationa QSL, kommentarer, mm. Rolf Åhman: Här kommer äntligen ett litet bidrag. 3260 Radio Madang, Madang nothing noted, no carrier at the same time. [Wilkner] 3325 R Bougainville presumed at 1120 to 1130, some audio also 3315 and 3365 same time 12 December [Wilkner] 3329.53 Ondas del Huallaga, Huánuco continues to provide a strong signal 1020 to 1100, signal much better than in past seasons. (Amharic) Yih Finote Demokrasi Ye-Ethiopia Andinet Dimts New: Active Since: December 1999: Identical to Voice of Ethiopian Patriotism (Oct 92), Free Radio Voice of Ethiopian Unity (Nov 93), & Radio Voice of United & Free Ethiopia (Jun 97). Contact Address: P.O. Box 121, Stony Brook, NY 11790-0121: Related Websites SECRETLAND(non) Dimtse Radio Erena on 9720 kHz via SPL Secretbrod June 3 1700-1730 on 9720 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Tigrinya Daily - very good 1730-1800 on 9720 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Arabic Wed/Fri, NOT.

Frequency change of WYFR Family Radio Romanian 1800-1900 new frequency 7330 WER 100 kW / 105 deg to SEEu, ex 9895(see Brother Stair) Last transmission of Ethiopia Adera Dimts Radio in Amharic on July 31: 1700-1800 on 13820 NAU 500 kW / 140 deg Sat to EaAf, cancelled from Aug.7 (DX Mix News # 635 via Alokesh Gupta, India In 2012, the government managed to block it - seemingly unbothered by the fact that in doing so, it also blocked its own television channel (both broadcast on one satellite frequency). It has also successfully jammed it on shortwave, and on at least one occasion has hacked into the Radio Erena website, destroying it completely. It's a nonstop challenge, he says. We're constantly fighting them, and it's getting harder and harder because they are now employing new. ARGENTINA Radio Argentina Exterior-RAE 15345v 2237 Spanish 333 May 13 OM ancr with music vocals. AUSTRALIA Radio Australia-RA via Brandon 12080 2206 English 333 May 13 YL with comments on the major earthquake in China. OM with wx report at 2240. //13630 [333]Shepparton, 13230 [333]Shepparton, 15515 [333]Shepparton and 17785 [444]Shepparton. BONAIRE Radio Japan Relay-NHK 15265 2233 Japanese 444.

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  1. Currently Radio Erena's Assistant Project Manager, in the past Fathi worked variously as a journalist and diplomat before he left the Eritrean embassy in Riyadh to seek safety in France. I had developed ideas that the government did not accept, he explained, and you know, with these kinds of conflicts, in the end you will meet trouble. Fathi's family was among more than 4,000.
  2. Temporary schedule of Radio Kuwait All times UTC Summer A-17 temporarily schedule of Radio Kuwait on July 20: 0500-0900 on 15515 KBD 250 kW / 059 deg to EaAs Arabic General Service 0800-1000 on 7250 KBD 250 kW / non-dir to WeAs Persian 1600-1800 on 15540 KBD 250 kW / 100 deg to SoAs Urd
  3. Dimtse Radio Erena on second hx via Secretbrod on Febr.12 : via Bclnews from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1B7jCXA via IFTT

Bulgarian DX blog: Dimtse Radio Erena, End Times Coming

Note: Radio Erena can be heard on 11,965 kHz between 1700-1800 UTC. They broadcast from Kostinbrod in Sofia, Bulgaria with 50 KW. Related. Spread the radio love. This entry was posted in Broadcasters, Clandestine, News, Shortwave Radio and tagged Clandestine, Clandestine Radio, Eritrea, Free Press, Press Freedom, Radio Erena on June 10, 2017 by Thomas. Post navigation ← From the Isle of. የአንድ ሣምንቱ የስርጭት ኮሮጆም ዝግጅት የሚለውን በመጫን ሊገኝ ይችላል። የአማርኛ፣ የኪስዋሂሊ፣ የሀውሳ. Tomas Tsehaye is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Tomas Tsehaye and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the.. ElAsmi Araya is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with ElAsmi Araya and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected

Nebu Mercyfull is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Nebu Mercyfull and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected Mi actividad en la Radioescucha. Fecha: UTC: KHZ: ITU: Emisora: Detalles: IDM: SINPO: 27/11/2018: 1816: 594: ARS: SBC Radio Riyadh -Dub Welcome to Bible Voice Broadcasting, where we exist to proclaim the Good News to the nations in languages you can understand Ascension. Latitude: 07°53'S. Longitude: 014°22'W. 6155. BBC. 19:00. 20:00. 1234567. English

Many thanks to Kenneth Crips who recently shared an eBay link to this antenna switch on the Gary J. Cohen's Shortwave Listeners Global Facebook page.. The switch is not a kit-it is pre-built and appears to contain quality parts. The manufacturer, Electro Resales, makes a number of other products for the radio, astronomy, RC and model railroad markets Sara Habesha is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Sara Habesha and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected Nebu Mercyfull ist bei Facebook. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Nebu Mercyfull und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Facebook gibt Menschen..

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Haileab Tadese is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Haileab Tadese and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes.. Frehiwet Solomon is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Frehiwet Solomon and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected SWLDXBulgaria News June 17-18 (publications №24861-№24878) ARMENIA(non) Iran International TV on 11570 kHz via CJSC Yerevan, June 18 0400-1200 on 1157

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dw amharic 66.2M views Discover short videos related to dw amharic on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Sara Moh(@10qberrymach), Los Besoos(@los_besoos), Albert Nguyen(@thisisnotalbert), Pure channel(@alpha_1980), Bam(@ethiopia99) Addis Dimts; Esat Radio; DW; Voa; Contact Us; Archive: Amharic Subscribe to Amharic. Free German Online Courses Level A1 to B1 | DW Learn German learngerman. dw .co Listen to DW Amharic live and more than 50000 online radio stations for free on mytuner-radio.com. Easy to use internet radio Radio & Internet ARCHIV 2015. Hier findet Ihr die bisherigen Meldungen aus dem Jahr 2015. Bitte habt Verständnis, dass nicht garantiert werden kann, dass alle Links noch funktionieren Radio St Helena has set a date for the next Radio St Helena Day (RSHD). RSHD was revived on 4 November 2006, bringing back the special annual worldwide transmission on shortwave. Last year's transmission was another success and was held later in the year (15 December) to coincide with Radio St Helena's 40th Anniversary (25th December). Last year was also the 10th RSHD, therefore it was a very.

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KASACHSTAN - Radio Kasachstan hat in seinem Programm um 21.06 Uhr Ortszeit (15.06 Uhr UTC) eine Sendeleiste Dostyk/Freundschaft in Minderheitensprachen: Mo Deutsch, Di Uighurisch, Mi Koreanisch, Do Russisch, Fr Tatarisch, Sa Aseri, So Konzert. Das Radioprogramm wird be Dimtse Radio Erena - Kostinbrod. Several weeks ago, this station again shifted frequency for its Oromo service at 1700-1730 and Arabic 1730-1800 for EAf (Eritrea specifically). It was noted here this last weekend with a fair signal on Feb 13 at 1750. This station has been hopping around a bit recently - between 11855 kHz in December, then 11850 from Jan 1, and now here on 11845 kHz since Feb 3 11845 Khz Bulgaria Dimtse Radio Erena 17:27 UTC Oromo. ID at 17:28. Sounds like phone in program SINPO: 54444 2016-03-13. 12015 Khz North Korea V O Korea 17:40 UTC Korean. Male and female announcers. SINPO: 43344 2016-03-13 . 11725 Khz New Zealand RNZI 17:46 UTC English. Maritime weather forecast SINPO: 43333 2016-03-13. This entry was posted in Listening logs and tagged 19m, 22m, 25m, 49m. Addis Dimts Radio in Amharic: 1600-1700 on 15195 SAM 250 kW / 188 deg to EaAf Su

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  1. Que Huong Radio in Vietnamese: 1200-1300 on 15680 DB 100 kW / 117 deg to SEAs Wed-Fri, ex Mon-Sat Addis Dimts Radio in Amharic: 1600-1700 NF 21585 SAM 250 kW / 188 deg to EaAf Sun, ex 17875 Ginbot 7 Dimts Radio in Amharic, new opposition station from Sep.11: 1700-1730 on 17655 SAM 250 kW / 188 deg to EaEa Tue/Thu/Sat 21555 SAM 250 kW / 188 deg to EaEa Tue/Thu/Sat Radio Democracy Shorayee in.
  2. As I've mentioned before, the geo-location function used to approximate the distance to the radio transmitters started intermittently failing (this was also causing the Settings page link to be missing). The ShortwaveSchedule.com site uses the Google API (a way to have computers talk between them) for two things: to retrieve your location in the world (geographical coordinates) and do a.
  3. Radio Erena: a beacon of hope for Eritrea is well worth reading in helping to understand the importance of radio in the Internet Age. Here's a small extract: In the early days of Radio Erena, there were reports of listeners being sent to prison. The state made an example of people, to discourage others. Now, though, it seems to have accepted that if it wants to close Erena down, it needs to attack the station itself rather than its listeners. Quite simply, they have become too.
  4. AliExpress.com Product - Tecsun PL-380 PL380 radio Digital PLL Portable Radio FM Stereo/LW/SW/MW DSP Receiver Nice: AliExpress.com Product - Tecsun PL-398MP Portable Radio 2.2'' Full Band Digital Tuning Stereo FM/AM/SW Radio Receiver MP3 Player tecsu
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With the kind permission of Broadcast Australia and many thanks to Rex VK3OF, there will be a Special Event Amateur Radio HF station set up at Radio Australia. The call sign will be VI3RA. This special event will be held on Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th, of March 2020. The event will be commemorated with a special QSL card RADIO DENMARK ON SHORTWAVE - January 1973 Radio Denmark operated a small overseas shortwave service beginning in 1948, transmitting in Danish. In February 1990, it ceased broadcasting from its homeland and used the more powerful transmitters of Radio Norway. But on December 31, 2003, Radio Norway also closed it shortwave services, resulting in Radio Denmark leaving shortwave permanently

  1. 11560 Dimtse Radio Erena CLAN, ERI 1720 8Feb px mx ID off 1730utc 4880 SW Radio Africa CLAN, AFS 1735 8Feb px in E +ID 11510 Denge Kurdistane CLAN 0825 9Feb px in loca
  2. Decodes as: RNZ Pacific 15.48 kbps EEP AAC+ Mono English New Zealand News ID:1 And the pane shows DRM Schedule (incorrectly) as follows: 1650 - 1750: 5975 1751 - 1850 11690 1850 - 1958 13840. Please send reception reports using the QSL option at www.rnzi.com. RNZ International. The Voice of the Pacific! Children's ocean story (?perhaps a Maori legend). Correctly, the 11690 frequency is there with 100% copy at 18:43 check. I'll confirm the 13 MHz channel shortly. 13840 is, indeed.
  3. g Radio Free Asia, good 10000 4/4 0120 Amici Italcable, Italy, time signals, mx, giving
  4. World of Radio; A21 schedule. B20 schedule; Trasmissioni in lingua italiana. Trasmissioni in lingua italiana - A21 (28/03/2021 - 30/10/2021) Trasmissioni in lingua italiana - B20 (25/10/2020 - 27/03/2021) Tech; QSL Gallery. Europa; Africa; Medio Oriente; Asia; Pacifico; Nord America; America Centrale; Sud America; Pirata; Clandestine; Andy's Pennants; Other Pennants; Audio D

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  1. Radio Nyawa Sarawak is a radio station which brings the issues that matter to the rural and marginalised communities of Sarawak. Based in this Borneo state of Malaysia, it is led by community voice, giving the people a chance to speak out on the problems that they face in their changing lives. Alongside this, the show features activists and experts, all working together to highlight issues and create solutions for these communities who are often invisible in the media landscape of.
  2. A new station for the log was Dimtse Radio Erena in the Oromo language. Although not real DX, the transmitter being located in Bulgaria, it is always interesting to get a new one in the log DX or not. Looking at the website, the transmissions are for the people of Eritrea, there being no free press in Eritrea. Quoting from their website: Eritrea has had no free press since September 2001.
  3. A new station for the log was Dimtse Radio Erena in the Oromo language. Although not real DX, the transmitter being located in Bulgaria, it is always interesting to get a new one in the log DX or not. Looking at the website, the transmissions are for the people of Eritrea, there being no free press in Eritrea. Quoting from their website
  4. Radio developments in USA The installation of a 100 kW transmitter at WHRI Cypress Creek, transferred from Noblesville Indianapolis, is complete and it is now in regular service. Shortwave station KAIJ in Texas is now off the air. The new shortwave KTMI in Oregon is expected on air some time quite soon. Test broadcasts have been noted from the revived shortwave WRNO in New Orleans. There are.
  5. Il radioascolto in Italia. ANNIVERSARIO EMITTENTI Radio Sancti Spiritus, Cuba (1945) Magic 828, Gran Bretagna (1990) The Breeze, Gran Bretagna 1431 Khz (1989) Radio Panamericana, Bolivia 6105 Khz (1972) Radio Horizonte, Bolivia (1988) SER, Madrid 810 Khz (1924
  6. Shortwave listening, QSL cards, SW radio, shortwave short wave reception, mediumwave, international broadcasters, DEGEN DE 1103, TECSU
  7. g Eritrean Forum, EYSC Medrek 1700-1800 on 15245 ISS 250 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Arabic Wed Dimtse Radio Erena 1700-1730 on 11855 SOF 050 kW /

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11965 28/10 1738 Dimtse Radio Erena, via Bulgaria, Arabic, talks mentioning several countries, fair 13580 29/10 1755 Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka, English prg, weak 13605 29/10 1759 Radio Martì, Greenville, NC, USA, Spanish, id, news, fair 13765 29/10 1802 Radio Vaticana, Santa Maria di Galeria, Portuguese, news, fair 13800 30/10 1150 R. Puntland, Somalia, talks, HoA songs, very weak, fading 13820. 11965 4/2 1745 Dimtse Radio Erena, Sofia Bulgaria, talks, Arabic, good QSL da Radio Freedom Smooth Jazz. Appena ricevuta la eQSL di Radio Freedom Italy Smooth Jazz, ascoltata stamani stamani su 6850 kHz con buon segnale e ottima musica. Rapporto inviato a radio.freedom_2014(AT)libero.it. Labels: QSL, Radio Freedom # posted by Giampiero Bernardini @ 5:50 PM 0 comments. About Me Name. Regional Radio, 1584 kHz: F/D e-QSL 9 days after F/UP but the reply finally came a few minutes after a message via Facebook to the station manager who signed my verification (total time 39 days afer the original report). V/S: Naldino Forti, direttore marketing (and HAM IU0FWZ). He says that currently powers are: 1584 kHz 1000 watts, 1485 kHz 250 watts. Future plans to become reality as soon as. Samrawit Negash is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Samrawit Negash and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes.. Radio Erena is produced by Eritrean journalists in Paris and is supported by by Reporters without Borders. Radio Erena: 9720kHz [Sofia-Kostinbrod/Bulgaria, 200kW], ID in Tigrinya; 17:20 UTC, 18APR2020 . Voice of Oromo Liberation is maintained by the Oromo Liberation Front, with the programme presumably produced in Berlin/Germany. Voice of Oromo Liberation: 15'420kHz [Nauen/Germany, 125kW.

Radio Erena: Mama Mezgheb Interview


VOA cited international shortwave radio monitors and complaints from listeners in Ethiopia since February 22 about static the U.S. government-funded station's daily, hour-long shortwave broadcast from Washington in Amharic—the country's main official language. CPJ independently collected widespread local accounts of interference exclusively on the Amharic service. VOA's half-hour.

Radio Erena challenges Eritrea on the airwaves - YouTubeFr Halefom with Radio Erena - YouTube
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